2020 May
E1P, E2P Pineapple Flashlight Bodies and 1 Cell Extenders now available.
The new E1P and E2P Pineapple Flashlight Bodies are now available after a long period of development.
It is a combination of our vision and also paying homage to old school designs that many enthusiasts called "New-Old School".
Fully compatible with the Surefire E Series part, it is great for making a custom light with the New-Old School style.

Also released is the 2nd version of our 1 Cell Extender.
It is now available in HA3 Natural and HA3 Black with a removable Tactical Grip ring.
Double o-ring protection and made with 7075 Aluminum.
It is much improved than our older EX-R 1 Cell Extenders that were available years ago.