HO-E1R (3.6V, 50 Lumens) High Output Lamp Assembly
HO-E1R High Output 3.6V, 50 Lumens High Output Lamp Assembly
(For 1 x RCR123A Rechargeable Battery, E Series Flashlights)

-High Output Ultra High Pressure Xenon Lamp (50 Lumens)
-Highest Achievable Colour Temperature (3300K)
-Unique Filament Design
-Precision Machined Aluminum Lamp Assembly
-Every Lamp Assembly is Pre-Focused for the Ultimate Spot

Compatible with:

E1, E1E using 1 x RCR123A (16340) Rechargeable Battery
E2, E2E, E2D, E2O using 1 x 3.7V Rechargeable Battery
E2D Incandescent Version using 1 x 3.7V Rechargeable Battery
M600B Scout Light using 1 x 3.7V Rechargeable Battery

***This lamp is designed for 1 x 3.7V rechargeable battery setups ONLY***
***NO REFUND or EXCHANGE if you are using any other battery setups and the lamp does not work***

Runtime (RCR123A (16340)): ~50 min
Runtime (16670): ~90 min