Seraph M Series Turbo Head (Gen 8), XHP50.2 LED (Single Mode)

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Seraph XHP50.2, M Series Turbo Head (Single Mode)
(6V-13V Regulated Input, Constant Output)

-High Output Cree XHP50.2, K4 Bin LED (Max Output 2250 Lumens)
-6V to 13V Regulated Input for Maximum Flexibility
-Direct Thermal Copper MCPCB
-Fully Potted Internal Components
-Reverse Polarity Input Protection
-Over-Discharge Protection
-Driver Internals Thermally Potted
-Standard White Version
-High Output Single Mode
-New Double Sided Optical Coating on the Lens.
-HA 3 Anodizing on the Head Unit.
-Constant Output
-Unique Reflector Design
-Precision Machined Aluminum Reflector
-High Temperature Resistant Light Orange Peel Coating
-Every Reflector Module is Pre-Focused for the Ultimate Spot
-Made with highest grade 7075-T6 Aerospace Aluminum

Compatible with:

M3, M3T, M4, M6
M961, M962 Weaponlights
M971, M972 Weaponlights
M981, M982 Weaponlights
M500, M500A, M500B Weaponlight
M900, M900A, M910A, M900AB Weaponlight
M2 or P/G/Z Series lights with M Adaptor Installed

Lumens Factory
Seraph SP-6, SP-9 with M Adaptor Installed

***Diameter of the Turbo Head is 55mm***


M3, M3T, M500, M961, M962, M971, M972:
3 x CR123a Primaries: ~50 mins
3 x RCR123 (750mAh): ~50 mins
2 x 17500 (1100mAh): ~30 mins

M4, M981, M982:
4 x CR123 primaries: ~1.5 hour
4 x RCR123 (750mAh): ~1.3 hour
2 x 17670 (1600mAh): ~1.2 hour
2 x 18650 (2900mAh): ~1.5 hour

M6, M6LT:
6 x CR123a Primaries: ~1.5 hour
6 x RCR123 (750mAh): ~1.5 hour
This is the HA3 Natural Version
This is the HA3 Black Version