EO-13 (13V, 700 Lumens) Extreme High Output Reflector Module
EO-13 Extreme High Output
13V, 700 Lumens Extreme High Output Reflector Module
(For 3 x 3.7V Rechargeable D36 Flashlights)

-Extreme High Output Ultra High Pressure Xenon Lamp (700 Lumens)
-Highest Achievable Colour Temperature (3300K)
-Unique Filament Design
-Precision Machined Aluminum Reflector
-High Temperature Resistant Orange Peel Coating
-Every Reflector Module is Pre-Focused for the Ultimate Spot

Compatible with:

M90-A-T13 Series

Runtime (3.7V Rechargeable): ~30 min

Heat Warning: This lamp produces EXCESSIVE HEAT and should not be operated continously for over 5 minutes.