Copper McClicky Upgrade Kit for Surefire Z41 Tailcap
This is the McClicky Upgrade Kit for the Surefire Z41 Tailcap.

It includes:

1. Copper Retaining Ring
2. Black Rubber Switch Boot (Medium Press)
3. McClicky Forward Clicky Switch

This kit is compatible with all Surefire Z41 Tailcap made for the P/C/Z/G series lights and M Series.
This kit is also compatible with our Lumens Factory Seraph SP Series lights.

The famous McClicky made by McGizmo in the USA can take up to 6A current and has a low resistance, it is truly the best switch for any application.

In addition to high current capabilities, the stock Z41 twisty is very difficult to operate a multi-level circuits and drivers.
The McClicky switch offers a clean forward clicky operation that is momentary on-off capable that has no problem with high current builds.

The retaining ring is made entirely with pure solid Copper for the ultimate performance, this is the best Z41 retaining ring for the McClicky on the market today. Brass is only 28% as conductive as Copper. So why settle for a brass retaining ring when you can get a copper one.

The rubber boot is the same one used on our Seraph SP Series Lights. It is our original design that is made to have great durability and rigidness.

***This kit is not compatible with the Surefire M6***