Grip Rings for Surefire P/G/X Lights
Grip Rings for the Surefire P/G/X series flashlights.

These are great accessories for the Surefire P/G/X series for added grip where you need it.
You can attach these anywhere on the light body (even tailcap).
Great when using the cigar style tactical grip on these lights.

High quality materials used that will fit snugly on the lights.
Also fits "Z Grip" lights, such as the 6Z, G2Z, G2ZX, AZ2, AZ2-S, Z2, Z3, M3, M3LT, etc.
Will fit our own Lumens Factory SP-6 and SP-9 flashlights as well.

The following items are included in this set:

1 x Black Grip Ring
1 x Glow in the Dark Grip Ring
1 x Hunter Orange Grip Ring


3P, 6P, 9P
6PX, 6PX Fury
(Not the Fury DFT as it is larger in diameter)
G2, G3

6Z, 9Z, 12Z
G2Z, G2ZX Combatlight
AZ2, AZ2-S
Z2, Z3
M3, M3T

Lumens Factory
Seraph SP-6
Seraph SP-9