E Series Z57, Z61, Z68 Modified McClicky Switch

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This McClicky switch has been precision modified to fit the Surefire Z57, Z61, Z68 tailcap that is used on later model E Series lights.

The famous McClicky made by McGizmo in the USA can take up to 6A current and has a low resistance, it is truly the best switch for any application.

Surefire Z57, Z61, Z68 tailcaps are originally forward clickies, but they tend to flutter during activation and do not handle with higher current very well.
The fluttering will trick multi-level circuits into changing more than one mode per press.
In addition, higher current builds will outright fry the internals of the stock switch.
By replacing the factory clicky switch to this precision modified McClicky, you are upgrading your switch a higher (6A) current capable and flutter free unit.

(The Z57/61/68 tailcap boots are longer and when paired with the McClicky there will be an empty space between the button and the boot)
Our kit comes with your choice of Z52 style silicone tailcap boot (which were what the McClicky was designed for in the first place) if you do not like the feel of the stock tailcap boot paired with the McClicky.

***This item is NOT compatible with Surefire EB1, EB2, EDCL1-T, EDCL2-T, E2T-MV. If you have any questions ask BEFORE purchasing.***
**The Surefire tailcaps in the photos are for reference purposes only and is not included in this listing.**
***This listing is for the modified McClicky switch and Z52 style tailcap boot ONLY***
E Series Z57, Z61, Z68 Modified McClicky Switch with Black Boot
E Series Z57, Z61, Z68 Modified McClicky Switch with Glow-in-the-dark Boot
E Series Z57, Z61, Z68 Modified McClicky Switch with Hunter Orange Boot