E2T Tactician Style Clip for Surefire E, C, L, D, A2 Series lights
This is the tactical clip patterned directly from the E2T-MV Tactician and designed to be able to be used on the Surefire E, C, L, D, A2 Series lights.

The clip on the E2T-MV Tactician could not be used on other Surefire E Series lights because it is thicker by 0.25mm and the holding plate is of a different design.
So if you want the E2T-MV Tactician's tactical clip on your Surefire E Series lights, this is definitely a must have.

Made using stainless steel and blackened using high end QPQ treatment just like the original.
The QPQ treatment gives a great matt black finish that is highly resistant to scratches.

The material used to make this clip and the QPQ treatment used to blacken it is the exact same as the Surefire original.

This is not some cheap knock-off that use black paint on a steel clip that will get scratched the moment you handle it and rust in a couple weeks.

Compatible with:

E1E, E2E, E1D, E2D, E1L, E2L, E1B, E2O
EB1, EB2
L1, L2, L4, L5, LX2
C2, C3
D2, D3
A2 Aviator, A2-LED Aviator
V1 Vampire, V1-C Vampire

***Not Compatible with the E2T-MV Tactican.***