Surefire KX1, KX2 Replacement Tempered UCL Lens, Optical Coated
Tempered Ultra Clear (UCL) Glass Lens with Multi-Layered Optical Coating for selected Surefire E Series Head Units.

This is a top quality product that will significantly upgrade your lights that use the applicable Surefire E Series Head Unit.

Highest grade UCL Ultra Clear Lens with 99% light transmittance that significantly improve optical efficiency and increases light output.
This tempered glass lens is way more durable and way tougher than stock lens.
It can withstand a much higher temperature than the original lens, not to mention improved scratch resistance.
We applied the highest camera lens quality multi-layered optical coating on one side to further improve the lens.

Compatible with:

KX1 LED Head Unit
KX2 LED Head Unit
E1L (Model with KX1 Head Unit)
E2L (Model with KX2 Head Unit)
E2L AA (Model with KX1B Head Unit)
LX2 Lumamax
E2D (Model with KX2 Head Unit) (Not Compatible with "E2D LED Defender Ultra" Model)

M300A Scout Light (Model with KX1 Head Unit)
M600C Scout Light (Model with KX2 Head Unit)

***This lens is NOT compatible with KL1, KL4, KE1, KE2 LED Head Units.***
***This lens is NOT compatible with E Series Incandescent Head Units.***