Z62 Tailcap Boot Set (A2, A2 LED, L1, L2, LX2, AZ2, AZ2-S, K2, Kroma, V2)
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Tailcap Boots for the Surefire Z62 Tailcap.
The Z62 is the tailcap that comes with the Surefire A2, A2 LED, L1, L2, LX2, AZ2, AZ2-S, K2, Kroma, V2 lights.

These tailcap boots are made from high quality silicone instead of Surefire's rubber.
Silicone will not dry rot like rubber and will last a lot longer than the stock tailcap boot.

This set include 3 switch boots:

1 x Black Replacement Boot
1 x Glow in the Dark Boot
1 x Hunter Orange Boot

Compatible with:

A2 Aviator
A2 LED Aviator
L1, L2
LX2 Lumamax
AZ2 Combatlight
AZ2-S Combatlight
K2 Kroma
Kroma Mil-Spec
V2 Vampire