E Series Z57, Z61, Z68 Silicone Tailcap Boot Set
Silicone Tailcap Boots for the Surefire Z57, Z61, Z68 tailcap and our E Series Z57 style tailcaps.
These are faithful reproductions of the Surefire Z57, Z61, Z68 tailcap boots.

This set include 3 switch boots:

1 x Black Replacement Boot
1 x GITD (Glow in the Dark) Boot
1 x Hunter Orange Boot

These tailcap boots are made from high quality silicone instead of Surefire's rubber.
Silicone will not dry rot like rubber and will last a lot longer than the stock tailcap boot.

These tailcap boots are also great on modded Z57, Z61, Z68 tailcaps that use the McClicky switch.

***These tailcap boots DO NOT fit Surefire Z52, E2T-MV, EDCL1-T, EDCL2-T or any other tailcaps.***