Bezel Ring Removal Tool for Surefire Z44 and Z32 Flashlights (Also work with 6PX, G2X and G2ZX)
Bezel Ring Removal Tool for Surefire Z44 and Z32 flashlights.

Precision machined from aerospace grade 7075 aluminum with flat black anodization.
Allows for the removal of stock and aftermarket bezel rings without damaging your flashlight.

Recommended instructions:
Heating the bezel is recommended for removal of the stock Surefire ABS plastic bezel rings, because they are glued in place.
Put bezel in a dish of hot boiling water for 3-5 minutes.
Carefully handle flashlight with gloves or oven mitts.
Insert a screw driver into the bezel removal tool.
Rotate the tool counter-clock-wise to remove the bezel ring.
Insure strong downward pressure so the tool doesn't slip out from bezel ring groves.
Install new bezel ring in a clock-wise manner.

Compatible with:

(Z44 Side)
6P, 9P
G2, G3
Z2, Z3
C2, C3
S2 Stratum
Z2-S Combat Light

(Z32 Side)
M951, M952
8X, 8NX, 8AX