Ultra Stinger-LED (Gen 2) for Streamlight Ultra Stinger, Stinger HP, Stinger XT HP
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Ultra Stinger-LED High Output Single Mode LED Tower Module
(3.6V-9V Regulated Output)

Generation 2:
Updated to Nichia 519A LED from Nichia 319B resulting in higher output and improved tint. (March, 2023)

-High Output Nichia 519A LED (Max Output 850 Lumens)
-Optimized for the Streamlight 3.6V and Streamlight 6V Rechargeable Batteries
-Maximum Current Output at 1600mA
-Cool White, Cool Colour Temperature (5700K)
-Reverse Polarity Input Protection
-Over-Discharge Protection
-Precision Machined Aluminum Assembly
-Every Lamp Assembly is Pre-Focused for the Ultimate Spot

Compatible with:


Ultra Stinger (Xenon Incandescent Model)
Ultra Stinger 78014 (Xenon Incandescent Model)
Stinger HP (Xenon Incandescent Model)
Stinger XT HP (Xenon Incandescent Model)
**Stinger XT HP and Stinger XT are entirely different lights. This LED module does NOT fit the Stinger XT.**

***This LED module is ONLY compatible with the Incandescent version of the Ultra Stinger, Stinger HP, and Stinger XT HP.***
***This LED module is absolutely NOT compatible with LED versions of Ultra Stinger, Stinger HP and Stinger XT HP.***


Streamlight 3.6V Rechargeable Battery: ~1.5 hours
Streamlight 6V Rechargeable Battery: ~2.5 hours