E Series Z68 Style Tritium Slotted Defender Tailcap. HA3 Natural / HA3 Black

Z68 Style Tritium Slotted Defender Tailstanding Tailcap for the Surefire E Series lights.

This tailcap is our version of the Z68 E Series Defender tailcap.

- Larger thumb cutouts for easier switch access
- 3 different style lanyard holes for different lanyard configurations
- 3 Tritium Slots for the standard 1.5 x 6mm Tritium Vials (Tritium vials NOT included, we do not sell them either)
- Mil-Spec HA3 Anodization
- Made with highest grade 7075-T6 Aerospace Aluminum.

All equipped with high current McClicky switch internals.

Compatible with:

E1E, E2E, E2O, E1L, E2L, E1D, E2D
E2L AA Outdoorsman
E2T-MV Tactician
EDC1-DFT Turbo, EDC2-DFT Turbo
E1B-MV Backup MV
L4 Lumamax
M300, M600 Weaponlights
V1 Vampire, V1-C Vampire
HA3 Natural Version
HA3 Black Version