SW01 Skinny (aka UM00) Tritium Slotted Momentary Tailcap, HA3 Natural / HA3 Black

SW01 Skinny Tritium Slotted Momentary Tailcap

- Follows the Classic Surefire SW01 "Skinny" Tailcap (also known as UM00) Design and Styling
- Low Resistance Copper Plunger Switch installed
- Custom Beryllium Copper Springs
- Your Choice of Recessed Smooth or Raised Checkered Silicone Tailcap Boot
- 8 Tritium Slots for the standard 1.5 x 6mm Tritium Vials (Tritium vials NOT included, we do not sell them either)
- Mil-Spec HA3 Anodization

***This momentary tailcap do NOT "Lock Out" which is exactly like the original Surefire Z14 and Z31 Tailcaps.***
***Does NOT fit G2, G3, G2X, G2ZX. Lights***

Compatible with:

***Does NOT fit G2, G3, G2X, G2ZX. Lights***
3P, 6P, 9P
Z2, Z3
D2, D3
C2, C3
M2, M3, M3T, M4
L5, L6
P2X Fury, P2ZX Fury Combatlight, P3X Fury (NOT Compatible with Fury DFT)
***Does NOT fit G2, G3, G2X, G2ZX. Lights***

M951, M962 Weaponlights
M961, M962 Weaponlights
M971, M972 Weaponlights
M981, M982 Weaponlights
HA3 Natural, Recessed Smooth Boot
HA3 Natural, Raised Checkered Boot
HA3 Black, Recessed Smooth Boot
HA3 Black, Raised Checkered Boot