E Series SW01 Slim Baker's Cap Tritium Slotted McClicky Tailcap, HA3 Natural / HA3 Black

E Series SW01 Slim "Baker's Cap" Style Tailcap for the Surefire E Series lights.

This tailcap follows design of the original SW01 "Slim" tailcap which is also called the "Baker's Cap" and we shrank it in scale to make it compatible with the E Series lights.
Mil-Spec HA3 Anodization
Made with highest grade 7075-T6 Aerospace Aluminum.

Your choice of Momentary Twisty or McClicky Switch internals.

This is the Tritium Slotted version-
6 Tritium Slots for the standard 1.5 x 6mm Tritium Vials (Tritium vials NOT included, we do not sell them either)

Compatible with:

E1E, E2E, E2O, E1L, E2L, E1D, E2D
E2L AA Outdoorsman
E2T-MV Tactician
EDC1-DFT Turbo, EDC2-DFT Turbo
E1B-MV Backup MV
L4 Lumamax
M300, M600 Weaponlights
V1 Vampire, V1-C Vampire
Momentary Twisty, HA3 Natural Version
McClicky Switch, HA3 Natural
Momentary Twisty, HA3 Black Version
McClicky Switch, HA3 Black Version