8X-LED Quad LED Module for Surefire 8X, 8NX, 8AX (1 Mode)
8X-LED QUAD High Output Single Mode LED Reflector Module
(3.6V Regulated Input)

-High Output Nichia 319B LED (Max Output 1050 Lumens)
-3.6V Regulated Input, Optimized for Surefire B90 Battery and 3.7V 18650 Rechargeable Battery
-Maximum Current Output at 1600mA
-Direct Thermal Copper MCPCB
-Reverse Polarity Input Protection
-Over-Discharge Protection
-Precision Machined Aluminum Housing
-Carclo 10621 Quad Optics
-Driver Circuit Board that is Optimized for Surefire B90 and 18650 Rechargeable Battery
-Custom Contact Springs That Provide the Best Contact and Press Feel
-Aluminum Housing with Perfect Fitment

Please note that Quad LED Modules have a FLOODY Beam Pattern as with all modules that use the Carclo 10621 Optics.
While it is great for CQB and EDC uses, it produces a FLOODY wall of light that might not be for everyone's taste.

Silicone Glow Gaskets Available in the "Glow Gasket" Section under "Parts"

Compatible with:

8AX Commander


1 x Surefire B90 NI-CD Rechargeable Battery: ~80 Mins
1 x 3.7V 18650 Rechargeble with 18650 Battery Adapter: ~120 Mins