Lanyard Rings for Z62 Tailcaps (A2, A2 LED, L1, L2, LX2, AZ2, AZ2-S, K2, Kroma, V2)

Lanyard Rings for Surefire Z62 Tailcaps

Protect your lights from accidental drops with the ability to use a lanyard on your light.
We made them in 4 different colours so users can use these lanyard rings to easily distinguish between lights of the same model that has different coloured auxiliary lights such as the A2 Aviator and A2 LED Aviator lights.

-Set of 4 (Four)
-Colours include Black, Milky White GITD, Red, Blue
-Made from High Strength Polycarbonate
-No Tools Needed for Installation
-Perfect Fitment
-Compatible with Surefire Z62 and some late model tailcap listed below.

Choose from:
1) Coloured Set (Black, Milky White GITD, Red, Blue)
2) All Black Set (Black x 4pcs.)

Compatible with:

A2 Aviator
A2 LED Aviator
L1, L2
LX2 Lumamax
AZ2 Combatlight
AZ2-S Combatlight
K2 Kroma
Kroma Mil-Spec
V2 Vampire
Coloured Set Includes:

Black x 1 pc.
Milky White GITD x 1 pc.
Red x 1 pc.
Blue x 1 pc.
All Black Set Includes:

Black x 4 pcs.