Coloured and GITD Bezel Rings for Surefire Z44 Bezels (Set of 4)

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Coloured Bezel Ring for Surefire Z44 Bezel. (P, C, G, Z Series Lights)

Protect your Z44 light bezel and lens from accidental drops and normal wear and tear with these Polycarbonate Coloured Bezel Rings.
Inspired by the Classic KX4 with improvements such as extended sidewalls and thicker crenelations to offer better protection for the Z44 bezel.
All made with the six tool slots for users that prefer to use the tool for removal/installation and for the more rigged slotted look.

We made them in 4 different colours so users can use these bezel rings to easily distinguish between lights of the same model that has different Drop-ins.

Choose from:
1) Coloured Set (Black, Milky White GITD, Red, Blue)
2) All Black Set (Black x 4pcs.)

-Set of 4 (Four)
-Colours include Black, Milky White GITD, Red, Blue
-Made from High Strength Polycarbonate
-Replaces the stock plastic bezel ring, protecting the head and lens from wear and damage
-Contoured inside radius to minimize artifacts in the beam pattern
-Tool slots for the Z44 tool
-Z44 bezel tool needed for installation and removal
-Compatible with Surefire Z44 Bezels (P, C, G, Z Lights)

***These Bezel Rings do NOT fit the X Series Lights (6PX, G2X, G2ZX, Z2X, etc.).***
Coloured Set Includes:

Black x 1 pc.
Milky White GITD x 1 pc.
Red x 1 pc.
Blue x 1 pc.
All Black Set Includes:

Black x 4 pcs.