E2P Pineapple, 18650 Flashlight Body (HA3 Natural/HA3 Black)

E2P Pineapple 18650 Flashlight Body

This flashlight body is fully compatible with the Surefire E Series lights.
Quality is excellent and perfect for modding or making your very own custom E Series light.

This flashlight body has an internal diameter of 18.5mm.
If you decide to use 18350 or 18650 rechargeable battery, please make sure it is the "Single Wrapped, Non-Protected" type that is within 18.5mm in diameter.

- Made with Top Grade 7075-T6 Aerospace Aluminum
- Available in HA3 Natural and HA3 Black Anodizing
- Square Knurling
- Compatible with Surefire E Series Lights and Accessories

Compatible with the following battery setups:

2 x CR123A Primary Cells
2 x 16340 (non-protected), 2 x 17350 (non-protected), and 2 x 18350 (non-protected) Rechargeable Batteries
1 x 16650 (non-protected), 1 x 17670 (non-protected), 1 x 18650 (non-protected) Rechargeable Batteries

***Do NOT use Protected Rechargeable Batteries with this flashlight body!! No exceptions!!***
***Protected Rechargeable Batteries will NOT fit this flashlight body!! No exceptions!!***
HA3 Natural Version
HA3 Black Version