Z46 Hex LED Head Unit, XHP50.2 LED (1 Mode)

Z46 Hex LED Head Unit, (Tactical Single Mode)
(7.2V-18V Regulated Input, Constant Output)

-High Output XHP50.2, K4 Bin LED (Max Output 2000 Lumens)
-7.2V to 18V Regulated Input for Maximum Flexibility
-Direct Thermal Copper MCPCB
-Fully Potted Internal Components
-Reverse Polarity Input Protection
-Over-Discharge Protection
-Driver Internals Thermally Potted
-Cool White, Cool Colour Temperature (5700K)
-Tactical Single Mode
-New Double Sided Optical Coating on the Lens.
-Mil-Spec HA3 Natural Anodizing on the Head Unit.
-Constant Output
-Unique Reflector Design
-Precision Machined Aluminum Reflector
-High Temperature Resistant Light Orange Peel Coating
-Every Reflector Module is Pre-Focused for the Ultimate Spot
-Made with highest grade 7075-T6 Aerospace Aluminum
-Your choice of Stainless Steel QPQ Blackened Bezel Rings (Flat, Cren, CB Defender)

Compatible with:


M3, M3T, M4, M6 (All M Series Lights except M2)
M500 Series Weaponlights
M900 Series Weaponlights
M961 Weaponlight
M962 Weaponlight

***NOT compatible with P/C/Z/G Series Flashlights with C to M Adaptor***

Lumens Factory

Seraph SP-6, SP-9 with C to M Adaptor Installed


3 x CR123a Primaries: ~1 hour
3 x 16340 (750mAh): ~1 hour
2 x 17500 (1100mAh): ~40 mins

4 x CR123a Primaries: ~ 1.2 hour
4 x 16430 (750mAh): ~ 1.2 hour
2 x 17670 (1600mAh): ~1.5 hour
2 x 18650 (2900mAh): ~2 hours

6 x CR123a Primaries: ~2.3 hours
6 x 16340 (750mAh): ~2 hours
Stainless Steel QPQ Blackened Flat Bezel Ring Version
Stainless Steel QPQ Blackened Crenelated Bezel Ring Version
Stainless Steel QPQ Blackened CB (Defender) Bezel Ring Version