IMR Series Warning & Disclaimer
Here are a few points on operating IMR setups:

*Please note that the IMR Series Lamps are advanced setups and are not for beginners.

*The IMR Series lamps have very high current draws, we highly recommend users to use a twisty switch setup on all models.

*In the case of the IMR-E2 where a twisty switch might not be readily available, please do not use the it continuously for a lengthy period of time. The large spring on the tailswitch might loose tension because of the heat generated. Pulling it back to normal will be a quick solution when it does occur.

*The IMR Series lamps are designed for IMR (LiMN) setups ONLY, do NOT use normal (Li-ion) 3.7V rechargeables with these lamps.

*IMR Series Special High Output Lamps produce EXCESSIVE HEAT and should not be operated continuously for over 10 minutes because of overheating of IMR (LiMN) rechargeable batteries might occur. We are not responsible for any damage to any parts outside of the lamp and assembly itself. All risks remain with the user.