2020 July
P60 to X Head Unit Released!!
We are happy to release the all new P60 to X Head Unit.

The Surefire X Series flashlights has always has a lack of modding parts due to the head unit being different from previous generation P60 platforms.
Thus making the upgrade of older X Series lights impossible, so users must buy the new version of their light every 1-2 years if they want to keep up with up-to-date technology and output.
That is why we developed this new P60 to X Head Unit, so users can upgrade and use the ever improving P60 modules available on the market today.

It follows the original design and finish for that sweet stock Surefire look.
Even comes with optical coated tempered UCL lens that replaces the stock plastic lens and your choice of stainless steel bezel ring is included that is far superior than the stock plastic bezel ring.
It is truly an all around upgrade for any Surefire X Series flashlight.