2021 May
10X-LED LED Module for Surefire 10X Dominator, High/Low Beam Dual Pack Debut!!
We are happy to release the brand new 10X-LED LED modules today.
A lot of time has been spent on developing these LED modules and finally they are ready.
The 10X Dominator was once the flagship of the incandescent Surefire lineup and the high/low beam operation was legendary.
It is time to bring beast of a light that 10X Dominator were back into service with these new LED modules.

What is cool about the 10X-LED modules are that they are designed to be able to work in combination with the original Surefire MN30, MN31, MN32 incandescent lamp assemblies.
So users can truly customize what module they want to use on the low beam and high beam, bringing back the incandescent and LED combined light that is rarely seen today.
The 3.6-9V input of the LED modules means that lights that has been modified to use Li-Ion Batteries such as 18650s can also be used.