2021 August
Insight VLI-002 LED Upgrades released!!
We are happy to to release the LED Upgrade Modules for the classic Insight VLI-002 Visible Light Illuminator.
This LED Module is specially designed for the Insight VLI-002 and offers perfect fitment and flawless operations.
It will allow the use of 3.7V RCR123 (16340) rechargeable batteries and 1.2V AA rechargeable batteries in addition to the original non-rechargeable battery setups.

These LED Upgrade Modules will also fit the King Arms VLI Tactical Illuminator, which is the Airsoft version of the Insight VLI-002.

Single LED Module will offer a THROWY beam with a good hotspot suitable for most tactical applications.
Triple LED Module is also available for FLOODY beam that is great for CQB and indoor applications.