2022 October
M6 McClicky Kit, M6 Tailstanding Tailcap, M6 Coloured Tailcap Boots Released.
We are happy to release some new M6 accessories today.
They includes: M6 McClicky Kit, M6 Tailstanding Tailcap and Coloured Tailcap Boots.

The M6 MClicky Kit is made under the guidance of AW, who designed his M6 McClicky Kit back in 2009 and it was a great mod for the Surefire M6.
It was sold out in 2011 and discontinued.
Many M6 and M6LT users asked us to create a M6 McClicky Kit similar to AW's.
So we went on to seek AW's permission for us to use his design as a basis to make our own version of the M6 McClicky Kit.
He agreed and even gave us guidance on how to improve on the design.
We are forever grateful for AW's generosity and support.