2012 November
M Series Mini Turbo Head Series, debut!
After a long wait, we have finally released the new M Series Mini Turbo Head specially designed for weaponlight users and M Series owners that wish to use the smaller sized turbohead.

The new M Series Mini Turbo Head is designed with tactical and modular in mind. Users of this turbo head will have the freedom to switch between Tactical Single Mode modules and the versatile 3 Mode Modules for different applications in the real world. As will all our products, future upgrades will be released when new LEDs and technologies are available. So it will never be obsolete.

The M Series Mini Turbo Head has been co-designed and tested in the field for use on weaponlights by an American Law Enforcement Instructor in North Carolina for rugged durability and has proven to be ready for the most extreme situations. Although the M Series Mini Turbo Head was designed to be used on weaponlights, it will also fit and are perfectly compatible with all normal M Series Flashlights (except M2). The system uses our popular D36 platform which means that all current model incandescent and older models of D36 LED modules will also fit in the system to provide limitless combinations for different applications.

The M Series Mini Turbo Head is truly a versatile system that will serve you for years to come with its limitless upgradablity and built-to-last construction and design.