Seraph M Series Modular Turbo Head for Tower Modules
US$84.00 US$45.00
Seraph Modular Turbo Head for Tower Modules

-Modular Design
-Disassemble without using any tools, easy to clean and switch reflectors.
-HA 3 Mil-Spec Anodizing on the Head Unit.
-Includes 2 Reflectors, Mirror finish and Orange Peel.
-Unique Reflector Designs
-Precision Machined Aluminum Reflector
-Every Reflector Module is Pre-Focused for the Ultimate Spot
-Shock Dampening Design
-High Temperature Tempered Glass Lens
-Compatible for both Incandescent and LED towers

***The diameter of this head unit is 67mm***

Compatible with:

M3, M3T, M4, M6
M2 or P/G/Z Series lights with M Adapter Installed

Lumens Factory
Seraph SP-6, SP-9 with M Adapter Installed

Lamp assemblies for this head are the MN15, MN16, MN20, MN21 and all Lumens Factory assemblies that are compatible such as the M3T-LED, HO-M6R, EO-M3T, HO-M3T, HO-M4A, IMR-M6, IMR-M3T, etc.

This head is NOT designed to use the smaller MN10, MN11 lamps and other lamps that are designed to replace them such as the M3-LED, HO-M3, etc.