Titanium Defender Bezel Ring for Surefire E Series Elite Bezels and KL1, KL4
Titanium Defender Bezel Ring Upgrade for Surefire E1e, E2e, E2D incandescent Flashlights.
This Bezel Ring will also fit the Surefire KL1 and KL4 Head Units and Gen 1 L1 Digital Lumamax.

It is designed to follow the exact style of Surefire defender bezel rings used on the Surefire E2D Defender incandescent flashlight.
Protect your flashlight bezel and lens from accidental drops and normal wear and tear with this Titanium Bezel Ring!

-Replaces the stock aluminium bezel ring, protecting the head and lens from wear and damage
-Precision Machined from High Grade Titanium
-Great Looking Sandblasted Finish
-Designed and supplied with an O-ring for improve fitment and water resistance.

Compatible with:

E1e (Non-Teardrop Style Head Unit)
E2e (Non-Teardrop Style Head Unit)
E2O Outdoorsman (Incandescent Model)
E2D (Incandescent Model)
KL1 LED Head Unit
KL4 LED Head Unit
L1 Digital Lumamax (Gen 1 ONLY)

***This bezel ring is NOT compatible with KX1, KX2, KE1, KE2 LED Head Units.***
***This bezel ring is NOT compatible with older generation E1, E2, E1e, E2e lights with the "Teardrop" style head unit that use the press fit Lexan poly-carbonate lens.***